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Feds Reject City Plan to Ban Food Stamps for Soda

Late last week, the USDA informed Mayor Bloomberg that the Department has rejected the city’s proposal to bar New York City’s food stamp recipients from buying soda and other sugary drinks with their benefits. Tom Vilsack, the secretary of agriculture, … Continue reading

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From Farm to Fork

From Farm to Fork Meat.com  While shopping at Whole Foods last weekend, a stenciled sign on the back of parked vehicle parked caught my eye. A big smile crossed my face. The sign advertised “FarmToForkMeat.com,” a farm cooperative business that … Continue reading

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Will A Soda Ban Resolve the Bronx Paradox?

Earlier this year, the New York Times reported on the “Bronx Paradox” which describes the odd, simultaneous occurrence of both hunger and obesity afflicting low-income residents of the South Bronx. But is it really as paradoxical as the Times reported. … Continue reading

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