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‘Kindergarten Sex Games’ – NYC’s Sex Ed Mandate Is Ideologically Driven

SEX ED IDEOLOGY VS. THE NEEDS OF CHILDREN AND TEENS Beginning last month, the Bloomberg Administration’s new sex education mandate was rolled out across all city public middle and high schools. This evening brought news of ‘kindergarten sex games’ as … Continue reading

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Four More Years: Re-elect President Barack Obama

In eleven months Americans will go to polls to decide the economic and political future of our nation. As we approach Election Day, November 6, 2012, I will layout reasons why President Obama deserves re-election. Today, President Obama continued to … Continue reading

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Parents’ choice movement grows

In the past week, we have discovered that we are not alone in our fight here in New York City. When we started NYC Parents Choice, we had no idea of the faint echoes reverberating around the state. Communities across … Continue reading

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Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and Eugenics

It was socialist Margaret Sanger, free-love advocate, who launched a campaign in 1916 to promote contraception and abortion in order to free women from the burdens of unwanted pregnancy. Sanger later adopted the views of the eugenicists who promoted the … Continue reading

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