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Nanny Bloomberg Should Heed ‘My Body, My Choice’ Credo | City and State NY

Oh, my head! Mayor Bloomberg wants to take his ban on large sodas statewide. Now that his 12 years as mayor are winding down, Bloomberg, like Mary Poppins, is seeking other opportunities to guide wayward children. Unlike Mary Poppins, he … Continue reading

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Truth about School-Bus Strike

The misinformation swirling about this morning’s yellow school-bus strike is unbelievable. Last night, only News4NewYork reporter Pei-Sze Cheng correctly noted that the state COA ruled the 40 years old employee protection provision (EPP) “anti-competitive.” The Mayor and Chancellor continue to … Continue reading

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Pistol-Packing Preacher to Run For NYC Mayor – UPDATED

Three days ago, Gawker.com published a database of city gun permit holders along with a profane screed against the celebrities and One-Percenters having guns. But Gawker failed to notice a listing for one Alphonso Bernard. In an instant, I knew … Continue reading

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September 11 Memories

  Eleven years ago, it was primary day in New York. I was out campaigning for City Council and had no idea about the WTC incidents until voters at Concourse Village shared the unpleasant news. I remember standing with a … Continue reading

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Micro Apartments For Geeky Yuppies

On Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the adAPT NYC design competition. It’s his latest effort to add to his legacy. The adAPT NYC “micro unit” RFP is offering city land, zoning waivers, and subsidies to attract developers. Bloomberg wants to … Continue reading

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On Cuomo, from the right — Not so fast, Azi

My OpEd in today’s NY Post assessing Governor Cuomo‘s sophmore term rated mention by Capital New York blogger, Azi Paybaragh in his Morning Briefing column [So now Andrew Cuomo is too Democratic?]. Azi mischaracterized my assessment as “conservative” and writing … Continue reading

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