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Barack Obama’s Libya intel failure—Editorial – NYPOST.com

I’m pleased that the Obama Administration has come around to my conclusion that terrorists planned the assassination of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, Libya. No one, however, has said that the alleged pretext for the Muslim protests was a … Continue reading

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Credit due Obama for demise of Qadhafi

Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril announced Thursday that former ruler Muammar Qadhafi was killed, according to the Associated Press. A U.S. official also said the Libyan government has informed the United States that Qadhafi is dead, the AP reported. The … Continue reading

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Is President Obama Vindicated on Libya?

Today’s Politico The Arena question asks: “Do the [Libyan] rebel advances vindicate President Barack Obama‘s “lead from behind” strategy of using allied air bombings to soften up the Qadhafi defenses, while rebel groups undertook the actual ground fighting? Does it … Continue reading

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