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America’s middle class (and our prosperity) is eroding in full view

The Middle Class — the foundation of American prosperity is eroding in full view says Jeff Madrick in Our Crisis of Bad Jobs. Despite the reported drop in unemployment from 8.1% in August to 7.8 last month, President Obama is still … Continue reading

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Reblog: Did Obama ‘Rope-A-Dope’ Romney?

Originally posted on Alonzo Brooklyn:
Rope-a-Dope I have a theory about the first presidential debate. Here it is: For Obama to be as bad as he was, could it be that it was intentional? Did he practice in politics what…

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Martin Bashir: Mr. Romney has the heart of a hypocrite — MSNBC

On his show this afternoon, Martin Bashir contrasted the public and private Mitt Romney: A man who talk a big game on God and religion in public but then disparages the poor and elderly in private comments to donors in … Continue reading

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  Melinda Wadsley of Ames, Iowa, told The Associated Press that she could not in good conscience vote for party nominee Mitt Romney. Wadsley was among three electors who had told the AP for a story published Thursday that they … Continue reading

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Time for President Obama to call in ‘Jack Bauer’ – Updated 3X

The nation’s first black President faces a tough re-election. His opponent is  a telegenic but vapid, panderer to the religious right-wing. On the anniversary of the greatest terrorist attack on his nation, Muslims in the Arab world are incited to … Continue reading

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Can Christians Vote for A Mormon (or A non-Evangelical Christian)?

I just finished reading this article at BCNN1, “Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Panel Asks: Can Christians Vote for a Mormon,” about a panel discussion recently held by the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The topic is important to all believers: Christians, … Continue reading

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The Apostasy of former Congressman Artur Davis

It seems that the brother former Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL) has lost his mind. A few months ago, he left the Democratic Party to join the GOP. It seems his apostasy has been rewarded by Team Romney and the Republican … Continue reading

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Married Women Move Toward Romney – National Journal

This afternoon the National Journal’s Jim O’Sullivan reports that a new ABC News/Washington Post survey shows that Mitt Romney is closing the so-called gender gap. Today’s ABC News/Washington Post poll makes clear that President Obama, despite a month of “War on Women” chatter … Continue reading

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Obama plunges into campaign, tears into Romney – 05/05/2012

President Barack Obama has taken to the presidential bully pulpit and the campaign trail in bringing the fight to Republican challenger Mitt Romney and the Tea Party-dominated Congress. American voters will have a clear choice in November: President Obama’s plan … Continue reading

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Romney’s NY GOP Gender Gap

As Mitt Romney heads into New York for the upcoming April 24 primary, he faces a widening gender gap that may derail his presidential ambitions. According to the recent Quinnipiac poll, 59 percent of New York women approve of President … Continue reading

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