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Is Mitt Romney a Serious Challenge For Obama? — FOXNEWS.com

Romney A Serious Challenge To Obama? | New York Daily News Yes, said ex-Assemblyman Michael Benjamin on Fox last night, batting for the Democrats in a debate over a debate… This week’s GOP debate, that is: Appearing on FoxNews.Com webcast, … Continue reading

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Who won the GOP presidential debate?

On Wednesday night after the GOP Presidential debate at the Reagan Library, Politico asked Arena participants, Who won or lost? Who did better or worse than expected? Michael Benjamin responded: The debate was much more toned down than I anticipated. … Continue reading

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Is President Obama Vindicated on Libya?

Today’s Politico The Arena question asks: “Do the [Libyan] rebel advances vindicate President Barack Obama‘s “lead from behind” strategy of using allied air bombings to soften up the Qadhafi defenses, while rebel groups undertook the actual ground fighting? Does it … Continue reading

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