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Nanny Bloomberg Should Heed ‘My Body, My Choice’ Credo | City and State NY

Oh, my head! Mayor Bloomberg wants to take his ban on large sodas statewide. Now that his 12 years as mayor are winding down, Bloomberg, like Mary Poppins, is seeking other opportunities to guide wayward children. Unlike Mary Poppins, he … Continue reading

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An Urban View on Gun Control After Aurora (and Behagen Park)

Yesterday, Azi Paybarah, Capital New York’s political blogger, wrote a piece (What is the ‘urban conservative’ position on gun control? Anyone?) taking the New York Post and Manhattan Institute to task for not taking stronger public positions on gun control after … Continue reading

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Micro Apartments For Geeky Yuppies

On Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the adAPT NYC design competition. It’s his latest effort to add to his legacy. The adAPT NYC “micro unit” RFP is offering city land, zoning waivers, and subsidies to attract developers. Bloomberg wants to … Continue reading

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On Cuomo, from the right — Not so fast, Azi

My OpEd in today’s NY Post assessing Governor Cuomo‘s sophmore term rated mention by Capital New York blogger, Azi Paybaragh in his Morning Briefing column [So now Andrew Cuomo is too Democratic?]. Azi mischaracterized my assessment as “conservative” and writing … Continue reading

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Bloomberg’s Advancing Secularism

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s advancing secularism is facing challenge and vigorous resistance by a citywide coalition of faith leaders. Mayor Bloomberg’s faith or lack of faith is not my concern. His effort to scrub the public square clean of religion … Continue reading

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