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NY Post: NYC schools giving teens Plan B pills without parental consent

As I was kicking back to enjoy an afternoon of football, I got an email linking me to a NY Post story,  “NYC schools give out morning-after pill to students — without telling parents“. What?! It took me a few seconds … Continue reading

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PlanetAlbany: Who the NYC GOP mayoral candidate should be

  I just came across this gem from PlanetAlbany that was cited in the Jewish Press (African American May Run For NY Mayor as Fusion Candidate of Orthodox Jews, Evangelicals) last August 5th. Now I know why politics is a … Continue reading

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Wedding rings vs. child poverty  – NY Daily News

Finally, a report that supports what I’ve been saying for awhile now. Many will disparage the report because Robert Rector is senior fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank. Marriage is not the only anti-poverty remedy. But as Rector … Continue reading

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The South’s National Political Power is Waning – BCNN1

There’s hope for Democrats in winning the South in November and years to come. The party needs to harken back to the Democratic Leadership Council centrist philosophy of fiscal responsibility, investment in education and economic development. I found this article … Continue reading

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Will pols kill another Bronx revival — Michael Benjamin – NYPost OpEd

Will Pols Kill Another Bronx Revival The Bronx is about to get another chance to lift the curse of the Kingsbridge Armory, with two new proposals to develop the site. But it will have to overcome stiff opposition by the … Continue reading

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The Limited Utility of Gun Control Laws

Another disturbed man shoots a workplace rival with a handgun and gun control advocates take to the media to call for more anti-gun laws. In this instance and other recent incidents, the truly dangerous weapon was a disturbed man — … Continue reading

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Don’t second-guess police for taking down knife-wielding maniac in Times Square – NY Daily News

The DN is out today with an editorial siding with the NYPD in the death of Darrius Kennedy, a knife-wielding man, who was shot by police in Times Square on Sunday. The DN said that it wrong to second-guess the … Continue reading

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Bloomberg’s pro-breast-feeding initiative to lock away baby formula at 27 hospitals – NYPOST.com

On Sunday, the NY Post reported that beginning September 3, the city will implement the “most restrictive pro-breast-milk program in the nation” intended to encourage more new mothers to breast-feed. Under the city Health Department’s voluntary Latch On NYC initiative, … Continue reading

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Former AM Benjamin on Gun Control and Mental Health

The deadly shooting in Aurora, CO, has restarted the debate over gun control. But Assemblyman Michael Benjamin argues that the better way to prevent crimes is by improving mental health care. Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin thinks the renewed call for … Continue reading

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Micro Apartments For Geeky Yuppies

On Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the adAPT NYC design competition. It’s his latest effort to add to his legacy. The adAPT NYC “micro unit” RFP is offering city land, zoning waivers, and subsidies to attract developers. Bloomberg wants to … Continue reading

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