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Nanny Mike’s Last Slap

NYPost Opinion: A selective fanatic: Mayor Bloomberg thinks he can reduce teen smoking, not teen sex. http://nypost.com/2013/10/31/nanny-mikes-last-slap/ In his final months in office, Mayor Bloomberg is moving at the speed of Banksy to leave his indelible marks on New York … Continue reading

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Nanny Bloomberg Should Heed ‘My Body, My Choice’ Credo | City and State NY

Oh, my head! Mayor Bloomberg wants to take his ban on large sodas statewide. Now that his 12 years as mayor are winding down, Bloomberg, like Mary Poppins, is seeking other opportunities to guide wayward children. Unlike Mary Poppins, he … Continue reading

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Breakfast in the classroom? Feed the lazy.

From Azi Paybarah: “U.S. agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack came to New York City and said free breakfasts should be offered in the classroom so kids who are seen walking to the free breakfast program in their schools’ cafeteria aren’t stigmatized … Continue reading

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The Real Agenda Behind the School-Bus Strike

In a weekend Twitter exchange with Larry Hanley, president, ATU International (parent union for ATU Local 1181), Mr. Hanley challenged me to support an MTA takeover of the school-bus industry. When I asked if that was the endgame in mind, … Continue reading

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Truth about School-Bus Strike

The misinformation swirling about this morning’s yellow school-bus strike is unbelievable. Last night, only News4NewYork reporter Pei-Sze Cheng correctly noted that the state COA ruled the 40 years old employee protection provision (EPP) “anti-competitive.” The Mayor and Chancellor continue to … Continue reading

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Pistol-Packing Preacher to Run For NYC Mayor – UPDATED

Three days ago, Gawker.com published a database of city gun permit holders along with a profane screed against the celebrities and One-Percenters having guns. But Gawker failed to notice a listing for one Alphonso Bernard. In an instant, I knew … Continue reading

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Carrión’s new suit – NYPOST.com

You can take the candidate out of the Bronx Democratic machine — but can you take the machine out of the candidate? That’s my warning to those who might support former Bronx Borough President and White House urban czar Adolfo … Continue reading

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Fixer Stanley Schlein Kept Right to Develop City Lot in Bronx for 17 Years – NYTimes.com

The NY Times looks into 17-year old vacant property bet that has become a financially profitable housing deal for Bronx political fixer Stanley Kalmon Schlein and his two partners. After laying out the lack of oversight by city agencies, Schlein … Continue reading

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Don’t dare mess with Bronx Science

  “Don’t dare mess with Bronx science“ on NYPOST.com There they go again: The NAACP Legal Defense Fund has filed a complaint with the federal Education Department claiming that the admissions test for the city’s specialized high schools bar black … Continue reading

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Dennis Walcott v. city parents—Michael Benjamin – NYPOST.com

In today’s NY Post, I challenge Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott’s decision to bypass affirmative parental consent in launching the Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive (Sexual) Health pilot program which distributes to contraceptives and birth control to minor adolescents at 14 public … Continue reading

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