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Mapping Chicago’s gun murders – Interactive Map — via Guardian.co.uk

Mapping Chicago’s gun murders – interactive Thousands of people have been murdered by guns in Chicago since 2007 – but is there any relationship between the location of gun shops outside the city and the murders just over the city … Continue reading

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Guest Post: New Year Day – Dale Benjamin Drakeford

“Lockdown,” practice and drills and the activation of the same after the real deal of assault is not a cure for mental derangement. It might trigger it however as students are taught to fear, expect the worst, look for danger, … Continue reading

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Pistol-Packing Preacher to Run For NYC Mayor – UPDATED

Three days ago, Gawker.com published a database of city gun permit holders along with a profane screed against the celebrities and One-Percenters having guns. But Gawker failed to notice a listing for one Alphonso Bernard. In an instant, I knew … Continue reading

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‘Terminator’ star urges stronger gun laws

Actor and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed stricter national gun control laws. No word if he plans to donate proceeds from his latest action film which opens January 18, five weeks after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre where … Continue reading

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Man in Suit Shoots Two Near Yankee Stadium – Another Man in Suit Shoots Victim Near ESB

In two days, in two separate incidents, two men in suits pull out guns and shoot their intended targets on busy streets near iconic NYC landmarks. Coincidence? Must NYers now fear men dressed in suits? Will politicians propose restricting NYers … Continue reading

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The Limited Utility of Gun Control Laws

Another disturbed man shoots a workplace rival with a handgun and gun control advocates take to the media to call for more anti-gun laws. In this instance and other recent incidents, the truly dangerous weapon was a disturbed man — … Continue reading

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Former AM Benjamin on Gun Control and Mental Health

The deadly shooting in Aurora, CO, has restarted the debate over gun control. But Assemblyman Michael Benjamin argues that the better way to prevent crimes is by improving mental health care. Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin thinks the renewed call for … Continue reading

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An Urban View on Gun Control After Aurora (and Behagen Park)

Yesterday, Azi Paybarah, Capital New York’s political blogger, wrote a piece (What is the ‘urban conservative’ position on gun control? Anyone?) taking the New York Post and Manhattan Institute to task for not taking stronger public positions on gun control after … Continue reading

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NYC Gun Control Laws Discourage Suicide, But Not Child Shootings

During his regular Friday morning radio appearance today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said New York City’s relatively low suicide rate can be attributed in part to the city’s relatively strict gun-control laws. Dana Rubenstein writing on the Capital New York blog … Continue reading

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Shootings up in Bloomberg’s Gun-free City

Shootings are on the rise in Brownsville, Bedford-Stuyvesant, the South Bronx, and throughout the city. Gun violence is up more than 150-percent increase from this same week last year. Police say shootings are also up 28 percent over the past … Continue reading

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