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Rangel Isn’t Surprised by Powell Bid | Daily Politics Blog

Charlie Rangel isn’t surprised by Adam Clayton Powell IV’s announcementTuesday that he will run to succeed Rangel, who plans to retire after his current term ends in 2016. “I don’t remember a time Adam Clayton Powell wasn’t running,” the longtime … Continue reading

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Adam Clayton Powell IV Declares For Congress

In an email to friends and supporters yesterday, former assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV declared his unambiguous intention to run for Congress in 2016. He begins his email, “Now that Congressman Charlie Rangel has begun his last term, it’s time … Continue reading

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Michael Blake’s Political Endgame

As I sat through the three-day court hearing on the challenge to Michael Blake’s residency status, I made some observations. Michael Blake is a caliber of candidate who doesn’t usually pop up in Bronx politics. He comes with a pedigree … Continue reading

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Adam C. Powell IV Sets His Sights On Congress, Again

In a phone conversation earlier this week, Adam Powell revealed that his upcoming FEC report filing (July 15) will show that he has raised $100K towards his 2014 congressional bid for the Harlem/Bronx congressional seat now held by Rep. Charles … Continue reading

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ABC News: Email Shows State Department Rejecting Request of Security Team at US Embassy in Libya

No, this is not a “bombshell” email.  It’s connection to the possible security unpreparedness at the Benghazi Consulate is tenuous at best. An anonymous State Department official provided ABC News with an internal email where Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy … Continue reading

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U.S. had early indications Libya attack tied to organized militants | Reuters

An American Ambassador can’t manage all the risks when posted aboard. The late Ambassador Chris Stevens probably knew this more than anyone. But after action reports and reviews are revealing the truth about the attack that led to Ambassador Stevens … Continue reading

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Rep. Mike Honda: ‘Obama is First Asian-American President’

It’s the latest effort in “identity” politics. Well-meaning supporters wanting their community to embrace the politician with whom they feel a personal affinity claim that person as one of their own. Rep. Mike Honda, an Asian American congressman from California, … Continue reading

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Language voting rights go too far — OpEd — NYPost.com

My latest OpEd reprises my continuing concerns about the uses and abuses of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This time, I focus on the minority language rights provisions that outlaw ‘English-only’ elections and permit New Americans to vote in … Continue reading

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Frederick Douglass’ Wisdom Is Timeless

This came to me in an email today. I believe it must be shared with and among those who seek racial justice and racial reconciliation in America. Something deeper than politics is dividing our nation. It’s been our political fault … Continue reading

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The Apostasy of former Congressman Artur Davis

It seems that the brother former Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL) has lost his mind. A few months ago, he left the Democratic Party to join the GOP. It seems his apostasy has been rewarded by Team Romney and the Republican … Continue reading

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