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An Urban View on Gun Control After Aurora (and Behagen Park)

Yesterday, Azi Paybarah, Capital New York’s political blogger, wrote a piece (What is the ‘urban conservative’ position on gun control? Anyone?) taking the New York Post and Manhattan Institute to task for not taking stronger public positions on gun control after … Continue reading

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An ex-lawmaker critiques a judge-drawn redistricting map and his former colleagues | Capital New York

Azi Paybarah, a senior writer at Capital New York, opened his Morning Briefing column with my NY Post Op-Ed critiquing a federal magistrate judge’s congressional redistricting plan. Michael Benjamin has a detailed critique of the congressional lines drawn by a federal judge, … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve of the Week

Yesterday, as I was reading about NY Knicks rookie phenom Jeremy Lin, I was irked by one reporter’s glaring, but all too common, misuse of the word, “reticent” when “reluctant” is meant. Writing in Capital New York, sportswriter Howard Megdal discussed the Lakers strategy … Continue reading

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