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Opinion: Mental illness an explanation, not an excuse for Colorado shootings – In America – CNN.com Blogs

Jack Levin, a university criminologist, writes on CNN’s In America blog that most Americans are made uneasy by mass killers who turn out to suffer from a mental illness. Levin offers a simple explanation — anyone may fall mentally ill. … Continue reading

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Fetal Homicide and Justice for Coloradans

On Sunday, I awoke to the sad news that Ashley Moser, the pregnant mother critically wounded in the Aurora cineplex, has not only lost her 6 years old daughter but suffered a miscarriage. She has yet to be told about … Continue reading

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An Urban View on Gun Control After Aurora (and Behagen Park)

Yesterday, Azi Paybarah, Capital New York’s political blogger, wrote a piece (What is the ‘urban conservative’ position on gun control? Anyone?) taking the New York Post and Manhattan Institute to task for not taking stronger public positions on gun control after … Continue reading

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