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AG Schneiderman Moves To Consolidate Teacher Tenure Law Suits – Davids v State of NY

Quietly last Thursday, August 7, NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a notice of motion for consolidation of two lawsuits challenging teacher tenure citing the involvement of “identical substantive issues.” One, Davids v State of New York was commenced by … Continue reading

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Brad Gerstman: The City Council’s plan to promote E. coli | New York Post The City Council’s plan to promote E. coli New York City’s do-gooders are at it again, this time looking to put a 10-cent fee on each plastic bag that stores normally provide to their customers without charge. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Nanny Mike’s Last Slap

NYPost Opinion: A selective fanatic: Mayor Bloomberg thinks he can reduce teen smoking, not teen sex. In his final months in office, Mayor Bloomberg is moving at the speed of Banksy to leave his indelible marks on New York … Continue reading

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Cupcakes | The Daily Show

Cupcakes | The Daily Show – October 31, 2007 Dr. Rob Riggle investigates the number one frosted killer of our children.  Fmr Assemblyman Michael Benjamin defends the venerable treat. (4:54)

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Road to City Hall: NY City Council Debate – Pabón v Arroyo

Pabón calls out FreshDirect giveaway and would create technology center for job development & education. Continue reading

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An abortion bill NY won’t like |

The Post’s Michael Benjamin: With the state budget done, Albany will now turn to other issues –with Gov. Cuomo’s push for a new abortion law being one of the top issues. We’re told the proposal is a codification of … Continue reading

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Nanny Bloomberg Should Heed ‘My Body, My Choice’ Credo | City and State NY

Oh, my head! Mayor Bloomberg wants to take his ban on large sodas statewide. Now that his 12 years as mayor are winding down, Bloomberg, like Mary Poppins, is seeking other opportunities to guide wayward children. Unlike Mary Poppins, he … Continue reading

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NY Post: NYC schools giving teens Plan B pills without parental consent

As I was kicking back to enjoy an afternoon of football, I got an email linking me to a NY Post story,  “NYC schools give out morning-after pill to students — without telling parents“. What?! It took me a few seconds … Continue reading

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Don’t second-guess police for taking down knife-wielding maniac in Times Square – NY Daily News

The DN is out today with an editorial siding with the NYPD in the death of Darrius Kennedy, a knife-wielding man, who was shot by police in Times Square on Sunday. The DN said that it wrong to second-guess the … Continue reading

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Help them before they kill – Michael Benjamin –

  Over the weekend, a knife-wielding man apparently committed “suicide by cop” in Times Square and another reportedly stabbed his mother 41 times. It’s past time to do more about serious mental illness – in New York and nationally. Locally, … Continue reading

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