Another guest column by Sen. Rev. Ruben Diaz, Sr.

Governor Cuomo is calling for the Democratic Party to be “unified” “tighter” and “ organized.”

You should know that during the past general election, Governor Andrew Cuomo who is supposed to be the leader of the Democratic Party in the State,did everything possible to “divide”,“disorganize” and “weaken” the Democratic Party in the State of New York.

And you should remember that Governor Cuomo not only publicly supported Senator Stephen Saland,a Republican against Terry Gipson,the official Democratic candidate and ultimate winner in the 41 st Senate District,but worse than that,Governor Cuomo kept a distance from President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign especially during the time when it appeared that Obama’s chances were uncertain.

After the election you should also know that Governor Andrew Cuomo worked intensively behind closed doors with Senator Dean Skelos,Senator Jeff Klein and the other rebellious Democratic Senators to organize the coup that is keeping the Democrats from taking control of the Senate.

You dear readers,never heard the Governor during the election asking the Democrats to be “unified” and “organized” in order to have a tight party. Now,the Governor is trying to send a message to everyone that he is the best Democrat and the best candidate for President in 2016.

You should know,that with the certification of Senator-elect Cecilia Tkaczyk as the official winner in the 46 th Senatorial District,it gives the Democrats in the New York State Senate the right to become the majority and the undisputed leaders of the Senate. The people of the State of New York have spoken and have given the Democrats the right to claim the majority leadership in the Senate and the Republicans to become the minority. There is no question about this.

If Governor Andrew Cuomo really wants to send a message that he wants the Democrats to be “unified”, “tight” and “organized,” he should publically and privately demand that Jeff Klein and his group and all the Democrats to be “unified”,to be “tight” and to be “organized.” That is the job of the Democratic leader of the State. He is the leader. Enough with saying “I don’t want to get involved.” Enough with using the Democratic Senators and their votes to keep the Republicans in control of the State Senate. By being the Democratic Governor of the State of New York he is involved. It is his duty and responsibility to “unify,” to “tighten” and to “organize” the Democrats in New York State and to bring them back to be in control of the State Senate. Less than that is just pure talk.

I am State Senator Rubén Díaz,and this is what you should know.

About SquarePegDem

A former state legislator turned NY Post editorial board member, thought-leader, public affairs consultant and commentator, columnist and blogger. Michael has appeared on Al Jazeera America Tonight, NY1/Inside City Hall, LIVE, YNN/Capital Tonight, The Brian Lehrer Show, The Fred Dicker Show, The Capitol Press Room, and The Daily Show. His op-eds have appeared in the NY Post, City and State, The Legislative Gazette, Bronx Times, The Troy Record, Buffalo News, and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. To schedule speaking engagements, email FOMB08@GMAIL.COM.
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1 Response to Guest column: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW

  1. Dale Benjamin Drakeford says:

    WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW is that my check is smaller because our leaders could not be united in legislating so that the middle class working class keeps more of what they make in 2013. Meanwhile, I just read that the CEO of Goldman Sachs is soaking up a $13 million dollar bonus. With the rich and disinterested running state houses, it is a wonder that anyone works anymore. Workers struggle and stress more than the poor, just to live slightly better (provided they don’t get sick). It is only a matter of time before the backbone of this nation start asking: Where’s the sense in that?


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