Our choice for President…

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That was my reply to a friend who in response to a recent posting, What Wikileaks cables tell us about Abu Qumu Hamouda, replied, “our choice for president.”

President George W Bush authorized Hamouda’s release and Secretary Condoleeza Rice‘s State Department expressed concern for his prison conditions, frequency of family visits, his legal status and the availability of legal counsel. Rice’s concerns seemed more appropriate for a lawyer from the Center for Constitutional Rights than a committed US counter-terrorism adfocate. Then, no one in the Bush WH objected when the Libyan court acquitted Hamouda of terrorism charges and convicted him of drug trafficking. By the time Col. K released him and others under a blanket amnesty (once the LIFG renounced jihad) in 2009 there was little the new Obama Administration could do.

When it comes to who has the better judgment in the fight against terrorism and piracy, President Obama wins hands down. And on November 6.

President Obama needs help getting all Americans out to vote. Commit to
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A former state legislator turned NY Post editorial board member, thought-leader, public affairs consultant and commentator, columnist and blogger. Michael has appeared on Al Jazeera America Tonight, NY1/Inside City Hall, FoxNews.com LIVE, YNN/Capital Tonight, The Brian Lehrer Show, The Fred Dicker Show, The Capitol Press Room, and The Daily Show. His op-eds have appeared in the NY Post, City and State, The Legislative Gazette, Bronx Times, The Troy Record, Buffalo News, and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. To schedule speaking engagements, email FOMB08@GMAIL.COM.
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1 Response to Our choice for President…

  1. Dale Benjamin Drakeford says:

    No problem agreeing with that, but then there is this:
    Dale Benjamin Drakeford

    I will vote for Obama but will that mean more of the same congress and therefore more of the same stalemate? The closed club known as the Congress of United States of America goes about their business as a gang of the clandestine chosen to do as they choose not as we will, and the state houses are no better (as they all close down shop as if our problems go on vacation with them). With the ethical IQ of a Ding Dong we can only expect useless calories that temporarily make us feel good in return. Citizens must be willing to think outside of the snack wrap party pack. Voters must be willing to vote with a political IQ higher than a licorice stick.

    The popularity of indecency reflects on voters. Voters choose indecent, the censored by the indecent, the censured by the indecent, the pretenders of Christ values, Moses laws, and Mohammed teachings, the morally challenged even if they are not criminally predisposed. People must select leadership with a moral IQ higher than their own and certainly greater than a tic tac. After-all, wasn’t it Christ that said “Give unto the politician what is his…” (and give to the writer the license to make the interpreter point that to be in politics is to be at odds with Christ on its face). Lets look at the facts, American politicians love to claim they are Christian (and the brave ones that cannot hide the fact, claim something other of high moral and spiritual order) but when was the last time you can recall any of them being Christ-like, Muhammad-like in presence, Moses-like in laws practiced, or Hindu-like in respect for all things alive or inanimate? Would any true follower of these spiritual icons give any energy to a birth certificate over the birth of good character? All of the faiths, major or minor, steeped in beliefs, marked by the intensity of feeling, warns of false prophets and yet the voters continue to embrace aspirants to office cloaked in religious identification as a prerequisite for consideration. If we judged on practice alone, America has far more agnostics and atheists than people that fear in a higher power (although, that number suddenly shoots sky high when mortally is near).

    Even on my very best day (and this is one) I will not be able to abuse the First Amendment as well as Number 42. Even on my very worst day I will not decide that the best ways to expand my country, spread popular government, and behoove my political base was by introducing decease and slaughter among Native Americans the way Number 7 did. Accordingly, I will never fetch one hundred thousand dollars speaking engagements or have my likeness on a $20.00 bill. When Michael Jackson declared himself “The King of Pop,” he too backed his boast with performance. When the politicians of today (okay, any day) make boasts of spirituality, or their critics take issue of it, where is the proof, in deed or action that any are? Where is the Jesus, Moses or Mohammad passion or performance? They remind me of some women (certainly not Wendy Williams that can market, flaunt and boastfully legitimize a wig like Andrew Jackson did the devil brew to my Cherokee ancestors as he became the father of the Democratic Party) that (and I realize that I run the risk of being politically incorrect, but that is my purpose!) claim to be good mothers, but put the best time, energy and resources into being good monitors of their fake hair (or Donald Trump’s lack of pride for a decent toupee). Do you really want to continue supporting phony? When your politicians claim that they know best when it comes to your child’s education, ask for the proof—perhaps their history in a classroom. When celebrity Tony Danza put his caucus (for real, not that “Teacher For A Day” crap) in a classroom the result was I’d Like To Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had. That speaks volumes. When will you start speaking and voting for performance, not phony? If there was only a toupee at stake, fine, but the stakes are far greater.

    Let’s be honest. Most of us would frequent the hot spot of thugs, gangsters and presidents of enterprise owned by the likes of “X” shooter and stabber Jay-Z called the “40/40 club” (perhaps because you have a 40% chance of escaping with your soul and spirit intact) rather than protesting with OWS. Okay, that might represent change on some level, but is it the change you want? Is it the kind of change that will move you forward to where you can be a person worthy of followers 40% of the time, or flat-line you to where you remain an idol worshipper? You would rather be with the 1%ers rather than with the 99%er you are. Does these 1%ers really represent or are you trying to force the issue by living through them? Does the 40/40 club really represent America? It frightens me to realize that on some level it does. It is of grave concern that too many of us would crave feeding at a 9-18-12 party at $40,000.00 per rich person (panting over the handmade Beyonce baked blueberry brown sugar biscuits—yeah, right!) instead of feeding the OWS, marching with the striking Chicago Teachers, or demanding that we stop feeding American haters in the middle-east (on two fronts: our piggybank and our military presence). No reports of members of congress in attendance, but their 40/40 next to nothing record suggests they were someplace else just as non-productive.

    Some will dismiss what I write because I am jealous. I discovered this about myself the first and only time I ran for public office. Half way in I had to pull back because self-awareness revealed too big a jealous bone, too wide a petty bone, too insatiable greedy bone, too uncompromising a contentious bone and too big a love for freebee pastries. Unfortunately, too many wannabes are not willing to do the same, so we must help them out—OUT!

    The knack to choose mediocrity and criminology requires serious reflection on where we are and what we can be. Let’s look at the facts, in Congress and in state houses we have a per capita rate of member investigation for wrong doing that out paces the general population, and we know that when these insiders get called out there is more than just smoke. They protect themselves like pigs protect bacon. In the last ten years how many elected have been convicted? Do you remember the governor that tried to sell Obama’s senate seat? If not it is time to heighten your awareness IQ and do your own research.

    The batting average of politicians stinks. They keep hitting foul ball after foul ball and voters keep giving them another turn at bat. Baseball is metaphor for life, not the other way around. Only voters have a worst batting average than politicians. How do I reconcile this with my chant of VOTE OBAMA-BIDEN? By pointing out that their batting average is good when you consider the team in Congress they are forced to work with. OBAMA-BIDEN is comparable to Wright and Dickey of the Mets. Surround them with responsible team players and they would be hitting and pitching more wins. Likewise, voters will improve when their political IQ surpasses that of a gumdrop.

    Let us accept the facts. Citizens on average would rather follow the Kardashians on their latest escapades than the homeless child to a safe haven. Everyone remembers that criminal mayor of Washington, DC (OK, there were more than one, but still, there was that special delinquent one) that the voters kept returning to office like the preverbal bad penny, rare and in celebrity condition worth a million in scandal and disgrace. We all know of the professional athlete with the broken something, torn something, ruptured something who after rehab comes back better than ever like a reborn Tommy John (with the priceless publicity of surgically repaired and drug impaired and steroid improved for their reality TV credentials intact). We all know of the professional performer that just have to perform with the prostitute or run the bright lights of party city because they just have to prostitute our lust for the insane and stupid. Then because we don’t want to think, we allow ourselves the easy answer that it is their special gift and talent to blame for their descent and credit for their ascent, swearing ourselves to Hades that we had nothing to do with it.

    Thinking is hard, but if we were to try it, it becomes the positive energy we (the voters, the citizens) make and multiply. It is the anti-dote to the artificial parts replacements, surgically repaired, drugs, celebrity and socially irresponsible IQ of a Ring Ding on Cotton Candy. Are you really supportive of elected officials with nothing better to do then serve on steroid use commissions? Are you satisfied with Congress paying out $50.00 for a hammer? Isn’t it time for corruption to be something not just given lip service, but something we actively eliminate? Do you really think primaries on their face are fair to voters? How can that be, where and when it requires you to be in a corrupt club in order to participate?

    Thinking is hard
    The original rock of all ages before anyone heard
    Harder than truth reverberating with the IQ of a Twinkie Turd

    I mean no particular slight of the junk food, but the devil dogs need to be excreted as early as possible. I mean no special slight, but I do think it is time in general to junk the whole bunch of junk in congress and start anew. Given the facts, responsible voters looking to up their political IQ, improve on the representative record and performance, expedite republic momentum, curve the abuses of deviant democracy, deliver a blow to partisan politics and curtail the unconscionable use of tax (or no tax) resources, must do the intelligent thing and abandon all Democrat and Republican Party-line incumbents. Take a serious look at the Progressive, Libertarian and alternative slates (so that a true Third Party movement might revive constructive competition). There are exceptions to everything: Members with official affiliation with the old clubs, but clear independent performance are deserving of your consideration and exempt from wholesale clearinghouse because they are not part of the corrupt problem and serve as anti-dotes to the “at-risk” past and examples of the “at-possibilities” solution to wasteful status-quo.

    I agree with Romney that facilitation of lessons is better than instruction or management. I share with Romney an appreciation of the life of John Adams. I align with Romney in wanting less tax for everyone. The problem is in the details: Romney-Ryan and the majority of our sitting congress are fat with the attitude that common people produce nothing worthy to facilitate, appreciate or tax. I grew up with parents that weren’t allowed to go to school unless it rained because they were farmers producing from the earth. My mom made it through third grade and my father second, and they swore by a daily heaping of down home insecurity with a sprinkle of contention with thick grits and fat-back bacon. I still enjoy my bacon and grits and have my share of cake and pie to boot, but insecurity and contentious indignation for its own sake was never to my liking, but more important never the stuff of progress. This is why we cannot have a Romney-Ryan congress, or by any other name, one that would return us to a nation of those that are up and those that are down. A nation lacking protection of the middle class that history has taught us is the backbone of national well-being. A nation with a congress that is at odds with itself and the people it has sworn to serve.

    I am not a lunatic about the need to reduce calories, but some fat must be denied the privilege to float. Incumbents that chew the goad but sit out the real battle, needs to take their lazy selfish IQ’s some place other than public service and you need to help them do that.


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