Fmr LA Gov Roemer on MHP Show

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Former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer appeared on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show on MSNBC to discuss his underneath the radar presidential campaign.

Roemer lamented his inability to get media exposure or for the Republican party to take his candidacy seriously. He also assailed the influence of “big money” in campaigns.

Do you think Buddy Roemer is a serious candidate for President?

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8 Responses to Fmr LA Gov Roemer on MHP Show

  1. This appearance was a turning point, I believe, in people beginning to understand just exactly how serious a candidate Buddy Roemer really is.

    The Americans Elect platform allows voices like his to be heard while the existing two-party system has consistently failed to bring forward or nation’s best leaders because it inherently favors big money backing over good ideas. As Melissa Harris-Perry noted on her show, important voices such as Shirley Chisholm and Buddy Roemer do not get a place at the table due to the inherent and now overwhelming bias in our system against dissenters.

    The biggest problem at this point is that until Americans Elect succeeds in avoiding being compromised by a well-funded candidate and actually getting the dissenting voice elected, it is still just a theory, a dream. That’s why I clicked “SUPPORT” for Buddy Roemer at and I encourage everyone else to participate in the nation’s first online primary with me so that the suppressed voices in American politics, OUR voices, can finally be heard.

    We need to stop pretending that anyone became President without compromising their integrity.
    We need to overcome the forces that constantly divide us and make our self-rule the reality.
    We need to make Americans Elect viable and we need Buddy Roemer to make that happen.

    Watch this 2 minute clip from the program and see if you don’t agree:


  2. Vince Lisanti says:

    The reasons why are far greater than can be captured in this comment section so I will keep it brief and to the point.
    Resume: Harvard at 16 w/ Degrees in Economics & Bus.
    Served in Congress for 8 yrs. (Well respected than as one who put country before party)
    Gov. Louisiana (Beagan clean up of highly corrupt state and cut uemployment rate in half)
    Private Entrepreneur who founded 3/4 billion dollar bank from ground up that did not take
    bailout $.And 0 Foreclosures

    Roemer has always been a man of high integrity and intellect. From his first ever campaign for congress to the current day he always conducted his campaigns the same way.
    Most pundits and entrenched members of the 2 parties try to publically marginalize Roemer because of this stance, but average thinking americans who have half a braincell left as well as many of the above metioned groups (when behind closed doors and there are no cameras or recorders going) know that this is the only way to create real governmental change that has the best interests of the american public and furthermore the world in mind.

    USA is the hub on which the wheel spins. There is no disputing this fact. This duopoly that is controlled by corporate interests that we try to pass as a democracy is at the core of why the entire world is now in turmoil economically and socially.

    I think the time is ripe for a true leader like Charles “Buddy” Roemer to swoop in being “Free To Lead” with a clear vision and ability to act in the publics best interests which will in-turn restore a bit of order to the world.


  3. allen e. atchley sr. says:

    Probably the MOST SERIOUS candidate I’ve seen in American political life since Pres. Reagan. A real statesman needed more than ever in America.


  4. Damn straight he is a serious candidate. Successul Governor who reduced unempoyment in his state for over 12% to under 6% is one term. Four term congressman, Founder and CEO of a community bank that took no TARP many and never foreclosed on a mortgage. Havard trained economist and MBA.

    His candidacy is SO SERIOUS that the GOP and the Media have done their best to prevent his message to get heard by excluding him from all 23 debates.

    But they can’t shut him down forever. Slowly the word is getting out. And with the Americans Elect organization gaining access on all 50 state ballots, he stands a good shot of making sure that at least one POTUS candidate is talking about the need to get the money out and return our governement to the 99%. If you agree, go to AE and support Buddy Roemer


  5. Ariana Benn says:

    Buddy Roemer is 100% right! “When a big check takes the place of a big idea then America is in trouble”. Kudos to MSNBC & Melissa Harris-Perry for having him on. The other news channels should take notice. There has never been a better time for something like Americans Elect. We do have a voice in this election and it’s up to us to take the plunge. No matter what your beliefs are head over to Americans Elect & put in a vote for Buddy Roemer. We the people need to help give Buddy a voice in this election. Both Democrats & Republicans are joined at the pocket book. They BOTH take the big checks. Time to let them know that this is no longer acceptable.


  6. Angelita says:

    I know that all of you loving supporters of Buddy Roemer are sincere. Sadly, you are being used and fooled. He is a big liar and fraud. He claims he ran on this same issue when he ran for governor. Go look at his early campaign ads and newspaper stories. He ran against political corruption of Edwin Edwards, but he took big donations himself, if they offered it to him. He used this idea of $100, etc. only recently. Some say he got it from Jerry Brown’s old campaign. I think he took it from David Duke, the Klansman and Nazi who used it to beat Roemer in the 1991 election (Duke was then beaten by Edwards). Roemer is a failed politician who was one of Louisiana’s worst governors and could not even beat a Nazi on his attempt for a second term, He is not a serious candidate in this election.

    Check out these web pages that I found on the internet. Then scroll to pages 259 to 267

    Also, no serious person would expect to win as a third party candidate. It is impossible to gain enough votes from the other parties to win. He can only be a spoiler.

    Buddy Roemer is not running to win. He is apparently not running for money. I suppose he must be running for glory and to have some nice people admire him and listen to him rant and complain and think he is a true reformer.

    Sorry you are going to be disappointed.


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