ABC/Disney Airs “GCB – Good Christian B*TCHES” — An Insult to American Christians

The other night, I asked my wife, Kennedy, “What’s this GCB about?” The answer came a few days later in an email alert from Chaplain Viviana Hernandez. Her email informed me that the true title of this new ABC show “GCB” stands for “Good Christian B*TCHES.” I had seen the TV ads which gave no clue about the show’s name. Like many, now that I know and I’m outraged.

Chaplain Hernandez fumed, “this show is not only offensive but flies in the face of all respect and hypocritical political correctness!” I believe that it is important to hold media “giants,” such as ABC/Disney responsible to their viewing audience.

Many Christians are rightly asking, “how dare ABC/Disney premiere such an insult during the season of Lent!”

ABC would never broadcast a program titled, “RBM — Radical BAST*** Muslims” as a show regarding the terrorists who murdered our citizens on September 11, 2001. Or would any network dare to air a show called, “MGJB” — Money Grubbing J*w BAST*RDS.

Leaders in the Christian faith community are calling ABC/Disney to demand that they pull GCB from its Sunday night lineup.

In the light of this MOCKERY of Christian faith and INSULT to Christian, God-fearing women, believers have said that this attack on people of faith must not go unanswered. People are urged to take ACTION by “flooding” the ABC comment line at (818) 460-7477. Be sure to use code# 459.

Already Christians are mobilizing to boycott all ABC/Disney programming (including ESPN and Soapnet) in an effort to completely shutdown ABC/Disney programming.

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A former state legislator turned NY Post editorial board member, thought-leader, public affairs consultant and commentator, columnist and blogger. Michael has appeared on Al Jazeera America Tonight, NY1/Inside City Hall, LIVE, YNN/Capital Tonight, The Brian Lehrer Show, The Fred Dicker Show, The Capitol Press Room, and The Daily Show. His op-eds have appeared in the NY Post, City and State, The Legislative Gazette, Bronx Times, The Troy Record, Buffalo News, and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. To schedule speaking engagements, email FOMB08@GMAIL.COM.
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8 Responses to ABC/Disney Airs “GCB – Good Christian B*TCHES” — An Insult to American Christians

  1. Geoffrey L. Garfield says:

    Good luck with all of that. As a religion that has existed for 2000 years, you have nothing to fear from a show that will be around for a millisecond of time in the Great Continuum of Events. Besides, since all things are “G-d’s Will”, then this show is just part of the Plan, so don’t sweat it too much, it’s been taken care of already since omnipotence means all past, present and future events occur simultaneously, so that show is already cancelled. Good job.


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  3. REally? You think God’s hand or will is in this show? Do you think this show is good? I think it’s bad and I gage God’s hand in things by if it’s good or bad. If it is good it is of God; if not, it comes from another source, i.e., the natural man. Reminds me of the scripture, “Eat drink and be merry for God will be beat us with a few stripes but all will be well.”


  4. Eimear Gobshite (sorry) says:

    The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become. Jim Rohn


  5. Kecia Ali says:

    Kidd points out early in his eminently readable account of American Christian images of Muslims and Islam that he is not a scholar of Islam but rather of American religion. Thus, he makes no attempt to assess the accuracy of the claims about Muhammad, the Qur’an, or Muslim “culture” that his mostly conservative, mission-focused Protestant scholars and authors make over three-plus centuries, from the colonial period until the aftermath of 9/11. Instead, he shows both continuous strands in views of Muslims and significant shifts in how Christians related to them. To do so, he draws from a vast array of church publications, newspaper accounts, and scholarly and popular books. His first chapter, on Anglo-American images of Islam, demonstrates how Islam was mostly used in intra-Protestant debate: one way to discredit your opponents was to liken them to Muhammad. (A parallel theme, the polemical Protestant link between Islam and “popery” [Catholicism] recurs throughout.) The next chapter, on images of Islam and Muslims in the early republic, addresses the concern over Barbary piracy and the captivity narratives that resulted, with increased attention to the political despotism as well as theological error of Muslims. The next three chapters focus on missionary activity aimed (largely in vain) at conversion of Muslims. These fascinating chapters, full of historical detail, illustrate the persistence of images of Muhammad as “false prophet” — and the ways in which negative images of Islam’s prophet and holy book could serve as a stumbling block to evangelization. Increasingly, however, Zionism and American foreign policy in the Middle East created a barrier to understanding between Arab Muslims and Christian missionaries. Kidd here, as earlier, draws links between various theological approaches (premillenial dispensationalism, postmillenialism, etc.) and attitudes toward Israel and the place of Arabs and Islam in end-times scenarios – a subject which recurs in the penultimate chapter. (For those without solid background in Christian theology, a few more sentences of explanation at strategic points would be useful.) A chapter on Muslims in America contains more exposition as a prelude to an exploration of how Christian theologians, white and black, responded to African-American Muslim movements, separatist and “orthodox” (not his term). The final chapter, on post-9/11 Christian approaches to Islam, makes the case successfully that though the negative images circulating are perhaps proportionately more present as part of evangelical Christian discussions, they are largely consonant with those offered by American Christian thinkers over the centuries.


  6. roberto alves says:

    Homosexual propaganda, “should not take place where minors can feel its influence; …. Public manifestations of this way of life are unacceptable for the big majority of society. It is our duty to secure our children against it. They have no right to promote their way of life


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